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Prescreen Dance Choreography Package
*Please note: must have done a Dance Consult prior to purchasing this package!*

MTCA Pre-screen Dance Package

  • 1 hour choreography consultation to explore which technical and characterization skills to highlight in your prescreen dance. This also includes music choice. (Your dance coach will send you some guidelines to consider in advance and then you'll bring her possible choices with you to the choreo consult.)
  • 1 hour of work time for the dance coach to work at his or her home creating choreography for YOU specifically.
  • 1 hour to teach you the choreography, to take place at least 24 hours after the choreography consultation.

At the end of this session, you can video record your dance coach doing the choreography to have a rehearsal reference. You are of course welcome to schedule an additional coaching session or sessions to clean the dance before you film. Your dance coach will discuss this with you. If you wish to have your dance coach film your dance for your prescreen, they can do that in a booked session if you provide the camera, tripod (if needed), and video editing.