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College Advising Matt Simpkins Headshots Tracks
Price: $10.00
College Advising can be purchased in one of Three packages (Basic, Financial Fit, or Unlimited), or be done on an hourly basis! REGULAR PRICE = $400
DISCOUNT for Group Days: $350

Get beautiful, professional-quality headshots at an incredibly low price! For Individual Headshot Sessions, schedule directly with Matt Simpkins at matt@mattsimpkinsphotography.com ... your timeslot with him is reserved when we receive payment through the store!

The Individual Session includes 2 outfits and 1 retouching. Stylist options and additional looks/retouches available upon request to Matt (at additional cost). For more detailed information, FAQ, and samples of his work with other MTCA Students, visit http://www.mattsimpkinsphotography.com/mtca

Professionally-made accompaniment tracks.

Please specify in the description which SONG you are using and which CUTS you need (16-bar, 32-bar, etc...).

Each cut is $10.
SHEET MUSIC PAGES Prescreen Videography Consult (Technical) Prescreen Videography Review (Artistic)
Price: $15.00
Sheet music tailored for your audition cuts. Talk to your MTCA song coach and/or Ellen before purchasing!

Each page is $15 -- please be specific about the cut/pages you are paying for!
A technical review with our Videographer, Matt Simpkins, for those who live out of town or would like to film their prescreens from the comfort of their own homes!

This meeting can include:
-Location discussions factoring in lighting, background, and sound
-Equipment suggestions and best practices
-Advice on how many takes and the order to film for your pieces
-Tips on framing the camera, music playback placement and lighting
-Requirements review (full body vs. close-up, etc..)
-Tips on slates, beginning your piece and endings
-Advice on editing/labeling based on students skillset and software
An artistic review of your prescreen, preferably scheduled in live coaching time, but can be done via e-mail if necessary. Please select the appropriate artistic coach for the review. The standard time is 30 minutes to review and vote on multiple takes -- if more or less material is needed, time can be added or subtracted (this can be worked out with your artistic coach).