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Prescreen Videography Prescreen Videography Consult (Technical) Prescreen Videography Review (Artistic)
MTCA Days - $450
Individual Shoots - $500

  • 1.5 hour includes all needs for Songs and Monologues, as well as editing. Dance done separately (see the Prescreen Choreography Package).
  • Expedited Turnaround (within 2 days) available for a $150 fee
  • Additional half hour slots available at $125 if you would like to schedule extra time, or for re-shoots
  • Editing ONLY service available for $200 if you want to film your own material and have it edited together

[Please note that scheduled slots on the Prescreen Days are non-refundable and non-transferable.]

30min - $60
60min - $120

A technical review with our Videographer for those who live out of town or would like to film their prescreens from the comfort of their own homes!

This meeting can include:
  • Location discussions factoring in lighting, background, and sound
  • Equipment suggestions and best practices
  • Advice on how many takes and the order to film for your pieces
  • Tips on framing the camera, music playback placement and lighting
  • Requirements review (full body vs. close-up, etc..)
  • Tips on slates, beginning your piece and endings
  • Advice on editing/labeling based on students skillset and software

30min - $60
60min - $120

An artistic review of your prescreen, preferably scheduled in live coaching time, but can be done via e-mail if necessary. Please select the appropriate artistic coach for the review. The standard time is 30 minutes to review and vote on multiple takes -- if more or less material is needed, time can be added or subtracted (this can be worked out with your artistic coach).